Drammen is the place to be

Drammen Bank

Drammen Shoppingcentre

Drammen Take Away

Drammen Hotel

Drammen Train station

I had my first encounter with the town Drammen last week. It is a town near Oslo. I had some hours to kill waiting for a train to bring me from Bergen to Grimstad. I fell in love with this place. It is the perfect town for waiting. It seems that it had (has?) a bad reputation. A high amount of new developments and new building is going on. Not sure if it works however. There are some nice leftovers of urban archeology from the last century I would like to share with you. I would furthermore like to suggest to BUU to have the next conference in this town. It is the perfect environment for it!


Collective Databank Workshop

I made link with BUU on the blog Collective DB workshop which im running with my students during this summer in Korea. its all written in Korean but at least you could follow some pics and will post videos(final outcome of the workshop, hopefully) soon. This workshop is collaborative ongoing project-ish. we are talking about urbanism/Precarious, hidden cities/forgotten part, memory, creative exchange(with immaterial skills) with ideas of collecting, tracing, following, How does one occupy public space? etc. As part of our ongoing investigations into public and private places; play, Non-Art, and interaction. we are going to construct some events(will be videoed) to explore these notions. Each event can exist at multiple times and is an ongoing event in which everyone can participate and which could (and hopefully students will) extend beyond the limits of this workshop.


and another way of looking at it.

Rain causing urban instabilities at main entrance Sletten shopping centre Bergen.

I will add a few words. I think it is worth considering creating more temporary urban art. Too much art in public space is (sort of) permanent. One could think of circulating art, monuments and buildings over the town. Or to have art under specific circumstances. Like this Muttian Fountain i videoed at the main entrance of a shopping centre. It only appears during heavy rain. At moments when nobody is leaving or entering anyway because of weather conditions. A spontaneous fountain is an outcome to kill the time! ... or is this building just spontaneously crying for us ...