OKin Apartment Project in Seoul

Okin OPEN SITE Realized by a group of artists interested in the aesthetic possibilities of play and commentary, Okin OPEN SITE, is a series of installations and interventions about the ongoing deconstruction and ramifications of the precarious Okin Apartments.Though the area is a dangerous construction site, there are still a handful... of residents living in the apartments as the demolition occurs. In this literal and conceptual grey zone, ideas about illegality, home, deconstruction and uncertainty form the basis of Okin OPEN SITE. This one-day art event is an invitation to view the last remaining blocks of the well known apartment complex before its complete deconstruction. Though it has a new name, Eco Park, the future of the Okin area is not yet known. In dispute over the demolition of the large scale housing site, is one of the last remaining residents, artist Hwayong Kim. The Okin Apartment complex, built in the early seventies, is nestled under the beautiful Mount Inwang and stream; the site was famously painted by a highly characteristic brush and ink painter in 18th century artist Gyeomjae Jeongseon.The artists involved in Okin OPEN SITE – Eunji Cho, Shiu Jin, Hwayoung Kim, Jooyoung Lee, Yuk King Tan, Joungmin Yi – create subtle interventions inside deserted and occupied apartments. The installations reveal different attitudes and facets of the Okin situation, and are made in quick consideration that the work may need to change as rapidly as the buildings disappear. For information about Okin OPEN SITE please refer to the Okin Apartment Project Blog(okinapt.blogspot.com).


A visit to Leeuwarden

27th. March in Leeuwarden, Netherlands at the cultural centre Blokhuisport, a video and film festival, RGB Neighbors, presenting art from Norway and Sweden.  The event was arranged by the artists' group VHDG. The city has a leaning tower, the Oldehove, which apparently leans more than the tower of Pisa. Click the image below to see a photo album.


Brandon LaBelle @ DNK Sound Performance Night

DNK Sound Performance Night
Thursday, April 1 / 9:30pm

Scenery from Vibration & Stage Fright / site sound narrative acoustic

Toshiya Tsunoda
Brandon LaBelle

SMART project space
Arie Biemondstraat 101

the hoarding experience

I just discovered this Picasa web album "The Hoarding Experience" which includes a large number of images of lost and abandoned items in the urban environment, including the one below. The author also has a blog with the same name.


Radial City vids at Youtube

The Quantum Brothers present three short sequences from work-in-progress at Radial City via:

a never ending story...

There is a new gallery born in the periferic area of town Bergen. Online it can be found here: NATLAND SB GALLERY It is another serious attempt to question our surroundings including ourselves.


senders, receivers, strange floating object

This peculiar craft has been floating around the Bergen harbour for the last few days. I have no idea what it is or what it is doing but it appears to be some kind of observation device, or else an instrument for communicating with other worlds.... Who knows?

In a similar vein, Amanda Steggell will open an exhibition next week at Sound of Mu, Oslo, with images from her Antenna Aesthetics series. Definitely worth a visit for anyone in Oslo on March 20th.


The Sluik-Parsifal Performance

On Thursday 4 March, regular BUU poster Ron Sluik held a presentation at Hordaland Kunstsenter in Bergen, based on a fusion of his extensive photographic expeditions around the Bergen region with a re-reading of Arthurian legend. A derivé of a different order, moving fact into fiction and fiction into fact, not so much Psychogeography as Gonzogeography....



Images 1 -2: Ron explaining why Parsifal came to Bergen and why the Holy Grail is buried under a stone near a bus stop and a Kiwi supermarket at Birkelandstoppen. Image 3: Ron's son contributes to the event by modelling his father's hat.

View Kiwi Birkelundstoppen in a larger map

For further reading: Ron's blogbooks, which formed the basis of the event.