Artist Gardeners

Artist Gardeners is a project initiated by London artist Dimitri Launder, formerly the primus motor behind the artist-run space Area Ten in Peckham, South London. Artist Gardeners appears to be another development within the growing field of urban agriculture, eco-art and alternative ways of thinking about sculptural interventions in both public and private space. More information at their website.

Cranes in Bergen, winter solstice 2011

Cranes in the mist. A cold, icy, misty winter's morning in Bergen.
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Everywhere you look in the city at the moment there are cranes.

Francis McKee in the catalogue to Psycho Buildings (Hayward Gallery (2008):
"We live in a world increasingly determined by transience and cities of the 21st. century are in a constant state of flux. Now, cranes have becomes a permanent feature of the landscape as this accelerated process endlessly reshapes every city."