Those helicopters: what are they looking for? Where do they come from and where do they go? Apart from the flying doctor/ambulance helicopters, which are very recognizable, we don't really know whose helicopters they are or what they are doing there. Like constant paranoid impulses above our heads, they form an alternative architecture of the city sky.


All In Your Mind

It's All In Your Mind; a small photo series taken on a short walk through the centre of Bergen. One image somehow always leads to another; taken together they form a kind of sentence, or a set of links, a bridge from one idea or one condition to another.


Soft Manipulation

Soft Manipulation - Who Is Afraid of The New Now? is the title of an exhibition that opened on Friday 20 March at Galleri 3,14, Bergen. The exhibition was produced and originally shown at Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art Contemporain and is curated by Zoran Eric (Serbia), Maria Lind (Sweden) and Enrico Lunghi (Italy). The exhibition examines the climate of fear, paranoia, surveillance and confinement that is characteristic of so much of contemporary life. Artists from around 12 countries are represented with works across a range of media, though with a predominance of video and photographic projects.


Cities Re-imagined 1: 8 - 9 May

The programme for Cities Re-imagined 1, to take place at Atelier Nord/Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, on 8 - 9 May 2009, is now available. The conference schedule can be downloaded, and reservations can be made by contacting Atelier Nord. Speakers at the event include curator/producer Steven Bode; architect and RCA professor Nigel Coates; sound artists Brandon LaBelle and Justin Bennett; hypertext author Scott Rettberg; media artists Amanda Steggell, Vibeke Jensen, Bull/Miletic, and many more. The conference will be introduced and co-ordinated by Synne Bull and Jeremy Welsh. Atelier Nord is located at Kunstnernes Hus, Wergelandsveien 17, Oslo.


Vague Terrain: Cityscene

The online journal Vague Terrain has just published an edition under the theme "Cityscene", and it's well worth investigating.  The introduction to the edition begins "Even at their most mundane, cities are fantastic assemblages. They aggregate capital and experience, accelerate culture and interaction, incubate negotiations between various stakeholders and nurture a wonderful, unresolvable tension that permeates both geographic and regulatory space".

The press release states that "the issue indexes a wide range of strategies for representing and visualizing urban space".

Cities Re-imagined 1, the first BUU conference, takes place on 8 - 9 May at Atelier Nord/Kunstnernes Hus Oslo, and the programme is now fixed. Full details will be published in the very near future.


REUI: A rift in the fabric of things

Another Readymade Episode of Urban Instability from Kreutzberg.

A rift in the fabric of things
A rift in the fabric of things
- Urbanstrasse.


snowmen's footprint

In the last week of February I gave a workshop at the photography department of FAMU in Prague. I decided to take as a starting point urban ready mades the students and I might find in the streets of the city. HERE you can see some of the results. Just before I left Bergen I photographed the snowmen on my estate. In intended to picture them again after my return but, as one might expect, they had all left the planet already. Except one: number 4 from the top in previous posting. He left a footprint. In Praha I also found out that Lithuanians have a quite funny name for snowmen: senis besmegenis or translated into English: old man without brains.