Mise en Abyme

Sunday 19 December was the final day of the Bull. Miletic exhibition Mise en Abyme at RAM Galleri, Oslo. During the final hour of the show, as a finissage, Jeremy Welsh interviewed the artists about this exhibition, about their experiences at the Art Institute of San Fancisco and about their collaborative working practice. The exhibition featured a new work, Revolution Peripherique, a two-screen video work recorded on the Periphique ring road, Paris, as well as Par Hasard, the single-screen work  focussing on The Eiffel Tower,  that was also shown in the Citie Re-imagined exhibition in Novi Sad.


I'm gonna grow fins, go back in the water again....

BUU is sad to acknowledge the departure of Don Van Vliet, Captain Beefheart, who died on 17th. December 2010. The music of Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band was the soundtrack of my youth and to this day his albums rate among my all-time favourites. The influence can be heard in numerous bands who have emerged since the 1980's, when Don Van Vliet himself retired from music-making to concentrate on painting. See the fan site Radar Station for comprehensive information and listings, as well as a variety of video clips on You Tube.  There is also a classic article from a 1970's edition of Rolling Stone, on the magazine website.  Here are the Captain's 10 commandments of guitar playing.


Coffee cups in London, December 2010

1: Trafalgar Square / The Mall
2: The Hayward Gallery


The Museum of Longing and Failure

The Museum of Longing and Failure presents

Exhibition No. 2
November 27 - December 23. 2010

With works by:


The Museum of Longing and Failure occupies a street-level window on Storms gate, by the intersection of Thormøhlens gate, in Bergen, Norway.
On view daily from sunrise until 22.00.



stylus – a project by Ann Hamilton

The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts presents stylus, a project created by installation artist Ann Hamilton in response to the Pulitzer building, which was designed by architect Tadao Ando. The exhibition is on view through January 22, 2011.

As a visual artist whose contributions to contemporary art span three decades, Ann Hamilton's installations are notable in part for their capacity to weave a broad palette of media into engaging sensory environments. Conceived in response to the Pulitzer's mission to be both sanctuary and laboratory, stylus is structured around live acoustic elements. The sound design was developed in collaboration with composer and sound designer Shahrokh Yadegari.

Accompanying the project is a similarly experiential multimedia online catalogue, located at annhamilton.pulitzerarts.org. Visitors can explore Ann Hamilton's work and immerse themselves in the images, video, and audio that fill the installation.


Bull Miletic @ Galleri Ram, Oslo

Bull MIletic's latest work "Mise en abyme" is currently showing at Galleri Ram, Oslo.

The exhibition Bull.Miletic: Mise en Abyme features the artists’ most recent body of work conceived during their residency at Cité International des Arts in Paris, France. The works in the exhibition are based on historical representations of modernity in contemporary Paris with a particular focus on the city’s constant negotiation between the future and the past.

In his seminal essay Paris, Capital of the Nineteenth Century, Walter Benjamin suggested that 19th-century Paris was the origin of modernity itself. Once a city defined by groundbreaking technology and artistic accomplishments, contemporary Paris succeeded in preserving the future as an idea of the past. By drawing direct references to the radically restructured understanding of time and space emerging in the 19th-century progressive Paris, the works are connecting current discourses of the effects of the networked society to its industrial origins.
Bull.Miletic are Synne Bull and Dragan Miletic who live and work together in Oslo, Norway. Central to their artistic practice is the question of how moving images form conceptions of space and influence our visual perception of reality. Their videos examine cities, architecture and landscape as containers of emotions, memories, and political decisions. Their artistic residency at Cité International des Arts was enabled through the generous support of Ingrid Lindbäck Langaards foundation.


WalkSpace for the iPhone

WalkSpace for the iPhone
WalkSpace is an alternative walking art app for the iPhone to let you navigate the city in a new and unexpected way.

A selection of cultural and everyday routes are remapped to your current location, these routes range from cultural trails such as routes from James Joyce's Ulysses to individual daily walks. Walks can be shared with photos and route maps and users can add their own routes to the app.

WalkSpace is designed to take you places you mightn't otherwise go, to see familiar places in a new light opening a window to chance encounters and experiences. The app is inspired by the Situationist derive and acts as a locative media version of the classic experimental technique for re-enchanting the city.
WalkSpace is a locative media art project by Conor McGarrigle now available as a free download from the appstore.


Available from the appstore

Conor McGarrigle


‘Human or other; depends who comes’: the Ballardian films of Paul Williams

New on Ballardian, a feature on films by Paul Williams, made in Abu Dhabi. Inspired by the fiction of Ballard and the films of Tarkovsky, among others, Williams records the collision between the architecture of western capitalist culture and the traditional beliefs of Islam. The films are short, powerful, evocative and haunting, a twenty first century psychogeography in image and sound.


"You Are Here → Mapping the Psychogeography of New York City,"

Pratt Manhattan Gallery will present "You Are Here → Mapping the Psychogeography of New York City," an exhibition of work by a selection of contemporary artists that will map the emotional terrain of the world's most famous and influential urban center, New York City, and explore the effect of the city's powerful moods on those who live and work here. "You Are Here" will run from September 24 through November 6, 2010, and will be celebrated with an opening reception on Thursday, September 23 from 6–8 PM. The exhibition and opening reception are free and open to the public.

Contributing artists—some New Yorkers, others not—were invited to use inventive cartographic concepts to reflect the city's abundant, colliding moods. The resulting projects reveal a range of reactions to the city's heightened levels of stimulus, some energizing (discovery, delight, amusement, ambition, solidarity) and others melancholic (longing, loss, vulnerability, anxiety, isolation).

"You Are Here" is guest-curated by Katharine Harmon, author of The Map as Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography (Princeton Architectural Press, 2009) and You Are Here: Personal Geographies and Other Maps of the Imagination (Princeton Architectural Press, 2003).

"The exhibition features artworks and conceptual projects that map a frenzied cityscape," Harmon explains. "I like wondering whether the world's most adrenalized and artistic city elicits more emotional responses than others. Mapping is an intriguing way to approach the question, especially at a time when artists are using mapping concepts in such ingenious ways," she added.

Psychogeography was defined in 1955 by theorist Guy Debord as "the study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals." Another definition is "a whole toy box full of playful, inventive strategies for exploring cities...just about anything that takes pedestrians off their predictable paths and jolts them into a new awareness of the urban landscape."

Works created specifically for "You Are Here" include:

• a three-dimensional map of the lower Manhattan skyline made of a Jell-O-like material by Liz Hickok
• an anxiety map of the five boroughs lit by sweat-powered batteries by Daniela Kostova and Olivia Robinson
• a "Loneliness Map" from Craigslist's Missed Connections by Ingrid Burrington
• a scratch-and-sniff map of New Yorkers' smell preferences by Nicola Twilley
• a cemetery map of Polish ancestors' graves by Kim Baranowski
• an installation constructed from city ephemera by Pratt faculty member Robbin Ami Silverberg
• personal maps created from a call for submissions by the Hand Drawn Map Association including works by Tony Dowler, Will Haughery, Janine Nichols, Yumi Roth, Gowri Savoor, Rob Servo, Krista Shaffer, Kees Touw, Dean Valadez, and Shane Watt
• a series of mapped reflections on the extinction of the passenger pigeon and the ascendancy of the rock dove by Miranda Maher
• a New York subway map in Urdu by Pakistani artist Asma Ahmed Shikoh
• photographs of a buzzing honeycomb map created by Liz Scranton's bees

“You Are Here → Mapping the Psychogeography of New York City”
September 24 – November 6, 2010

Pratt Manhattan Gallery
144 West 14th Street, 2nd Floor


Oslo Arkitekturtriennale: MAN MADE

Offisiell åpning: torsdag 23. september kl 14

Med utgangspunkt i kreativ gjenbruk omformer kunstnerne Vibeke Jensen og
Christian Sunde i samarbeid med arkitekt- og landskapsarkitektstudenter
Youngstorget til et sanselig møteseted for barn og unge. 

Resultatet er ute av kontroll, prosessen er åpen og demokratisk, og deltagelse er en


Living Architectures

In conjunction with the Oslo 4th International Architecture Triennale 2010
ROM for kunst og Arkitektur in Oslo is proud to present:
24/09 – 02/10 2010


 A film series by Ila Bêka & Louise Lemoine

“Living Architectures” is a series of films that seeks to develop a way of looking at architecture, which turns away from the current trend of idealizing the representation of our architectural heritage. The cult of perfect, disembodied forms entirely devoid of people, inevitably leads to a break-up between architecture and living space.

Through these films, Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine put into question the fascination with the picture, which covers up the buildings with preconceived ideas of perfection, virtuosity and infallibility, in order to demonstrate the vitality, fragility and vulnerable beauty of architecture as recounted and witnessed by people who actually live in, use or maintain the spaces they have selected.

The Films: 
·      Koolhaas HouseLife* (2008)·      Inside Piano (2010)·      Pomerol, Herzog & de Meuron (2010)·      Gehry's Vertigo (2010)·      Xmas Meier (2010)

Thus, their intention is to talk about architecture, or rather to let architecture talk to us, from an "inner" point of view, both personal and subjective. Unlike most movies about architecture, these films focus less on explaining the building, its structure and its technical details than on letting the viewer enter into the invisible bubble of the daily intimacy of some icons of contemporary architecture. Through a series of moments and fragments of life, an unusually spontaneous portrait of the building would emerge. This experiment presents a new way of looking at architecture and broadens the field of its representation.

The films have been presented on several international venues from the beginning of 2010. Including Storefront for Art and Architecture in NYC (USA), The Architecture Foundation, London (UK), Palais de Tokyo, Paris (France) and The Architecture Centre, Bristol (UK) and met with very good receptions. A special edition of the films is presented at the 12th International Architecture Biennale in Venice.

The authors are present at the opening and will hold a 30 min presentation of the project!

Ila Bêka
Born in Italy, he lives in Paris. Architect, director and video-artist.
Louise LemoineBorn in France, she lives in Paris. Graduate in cinema and philosophy at the Paris Sorbonne.

Opens Friday September 24th     18:00 - 21:00           Maridalsveien 3

Please visit our website for screening program and for more information about the films and the directors:

Press contact: Henrik der Minassian +47 90 91 10 04 /+47 22 20 88 86  post@r-o-m.no

ROM for kunst og arkitektur
Maridalsveien 3
0178 Oslo


Urban Images symposium

The first day of the Urban Images symposium in Oslo proved to be a success. The programme was both challenging and varied, illuminating a variety of positions relative to a discussion of relationships between architecture, urbanism and the moving image. As is often the case at conferences, it would have been good if there was more space for debate. Quite often the audience seemed to be so overwhelmed by the volume and density of information coming from the speakers that it was not really possible to elaborate a nuanced discussion within the short framework of a Q&A session after the lecture. But nobody could complain about a lack of input. Perhaps appropriately after a day considering the high density narratives of city space and cinematic representation we left the auditorium dazed and slightly disoriented. I look forward to the second day of the symposium!


Mediated Cities

Atmosphere 2011 Feb 3-5 
Mediated Cities

Every year the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Architecture hosts a symposium in the series Atmosphere. These symposia explore the intangible and overlooked dimensions of architecture and the city: those difficult to pin down, document, record with conventional instruments and methodologies.

Atmosphere 2011 will focus on Mediated Cities, the image of architecture, space, and place in cinema and other media. There is a long history of “city films” which have portrayed the experience of urban life, exploring through that experience the qualities and conundrums of modern life. Today that history is updated as cinema is supplemented by new forms of media: video, internet, portable media, and so on. These new forms of media emerge from and articulate shifts and developments in architecture and cities as well as global geographies, technologies and politics. They include imaginary as well as documentary narratives, and works that blur the two. They are also being incorporated, rapidly, into the practice of all design disciplines.

Confirmed guests include Edward Dimendberg, Daniel Doz, Janine Marchessault, Leonie Sandercock, Eunate Torres-Modrego, [The User].

The symposium will be presented in partnership with the University of Manitoba Department of English, Film and Theatre, the Winnipeg Film Group, and Video Pool.

Details can be found at: 

Call for Proposals:

The Faculty of Architecture would like to invite proposals for academic papers, panels, presentations of film, video and other media, and creative works/public events in association with the symposium. A detailed Call for Proposals in both English and French is available at the symposium website. Deadline is Oct. 15 for both academic proposals and creative projects; participants will be notified by the end of October. Creative projects are required to confirm a venue in writing by the end of November, 2010.

Atmosphere is seeking funding to assist some participants to attend the symposium. To be eligible for this funding, proposals should be submitted as early as possible.

Cities Reimagined at ROM for Kunst & Arkitektur, Oslo

September 10th to 19th
Cities Re-imagined

Group exhibition in conjunction with the Urban Images international symposium at National Academy of the Arts.

ROM for kunst og arkitektur is presenting film and video installations by Øyvind Aspen, Nina Toft, and Jeremy Welsh.

The artists in the exhibition focus on the relationship between moving images, architecture and urban space. Their works draw parallel attention to the inherent qualities of the city, such as speed and motion, as well as increasing effects of networked and surveilled societies manifested in urban fabrics.

"Without Title"  16mm Film  2:10 min by Øyvind Aspen 2008
"The One I think I am..." Video 20:34 min by Nina Toft 2005
"Spatial Traces" Video 4:00 min by Jeremy Welsh 2008


Friday September 10th  17:30 
at Rom for Kunst & Arkitektur, Maridalsveien 3, Oslo

Free admission.


Urban Images symposium

Urban Images: Re-imagining the City Through Moving Images
An International Symposium at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Fossveien 24, September 9-10, 2010.            

The Urban Images symposium brings together an internationally renowned group of artists and scholars for a two-day program in order to discuss the field of artistic film and video related to architecture and urban space. The objective of the symposium is to expand theoretical concepts and artistic tools for understanding the inherent qualities of moving images and its relationship to urban culture. The program focuses on moving images’ influence on urban architecture, urban architecture’s relationship to avant-garde film, the city as a source for artistic film and video, and reflections on urban architecture in recent film and video art.

Lectures and presentations by: Parveen Adams, Giuliana Bruno, Bull.Miletic, Andreas Bunte, Beatriz Colomina, Mark Cousins, Edward Dimendberg, Tom Gunning, Henrik Gustafsson, Marit Paasche and Judy Radul. Moderator: Mattias Ekman
For further information and registration: http://www.urbanimages.no

Registration fee: NOK 400 (NOK 200 students)

Registration deadline: Friday, September 3, 2010

The Urban Images symposium is organized at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in collaboration with Atelier Nord. Generous support is granted by The Freedom of Expression Foundation, Public Art Norway (KORO), Oslo Municipality, Embassy of the United States in Oslo, and The German Embassy in Oslo.

Architecture of errors

urban structure reconfigured by the flow (of data)
architecture of errors (HTTP/404)
rising sea level (undefined)





International Symposium at
Moderna Museet, Cinema
Exercisplan 4,
Stockholm, Skeppsholmen

Friday, September 17th, from 10.00 – 18.00 hrs.

Historical panoramas used to offer a view of a city- or landscape - as seen from the point of view of an artist or photographer. Be it in painting, print or photography, the viewer received an often entertaining, informative and complete overview of a certain place at a certain time.

Digital media and networking have widened the scope of street, urban and landscape views to include 360” zoomable, interactive views, maps and directories - each in turn equipped with multiple options for further layers of information. Former blind spots might be rapidly disappearing in the ever more detailed complexity of available and accessible information. Furthermore the subject of individuality, the right to control, manipulate, protect and reveal personal information is challenged and hollowed out. The digital fingerprints left behind everywhere endanger our bank accounts and our privacy. In separate developments the decoding of the human gene is also leading to radical new perspectives regarding our rights to access information, questioning the individuality of humans and the way societies are organized.

Having arrived at this interchange, the artists, collectors, theoreticians and scientists participating in the symposium will present their material and ideas on the historical, current and emerging understanding of the observation, mapping and organization of different types of landscapes - beginning with historical viewing devices, the understanding and representation of landscapes (Werner Nekes) to the analysis of the genetic decoding of the individual and its social and cultural implications (Kári Stefánsson), further to an artists perspective of contemporary architecture, utopia and urban space (Marjolijn Dijkman) to the modelling, playing and interference with, as well as the questioning of, contemporary networked and mediatised societies (Michelle Teran).

(b. 1944) lives in Mülheim an der Ruhr in Germany
Since 1965, filmmaker and media artist Werner Nekes has produced over 100 films and his work has been presented internationally at major museums and festivals.
Furthermore, Nekes has compiled one of the most important private collections of artifacts documenting 500 years of pre-cinematographic experiments as well as developments in the early history of film, focusing on spatial and temporal principles of representation.

(b. 1978) lives in Rotterdam in The Netherlands, Brussels in Belgium and Saint Mihiel in France.

Through her diverse work Dutch artist Marjolijn Dijkman often considers the foundations of how we perceive and experience our surroundings – the conventions and categories which underlie the comprehension, or not, of the world around us. Ranging from photographic archives and films, to landscape interventions and the organization of exhibitions and experimental residencies, Dijkman’s practice has concerned itself with futurology, public space, knowledge organization, cartography, utopian architecture or environmentalism, for example, with a particular emphasis on collaboration.

KÁRI STEFÁNSSON, M.D., DR. MED., Executive Chairman and President of Research
(b.1949) lives and works in Reykjavik in Iceland
Kári Stefánsson, M.D., Dr. Med. founded deCODE in August 1996. Dr. Stefánsson was previously a professor of Neurology, Neuropathology and Neuroscience at Harvard University and Director of Neuropathology at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. From 1983 to 1993, he held faculty positions in Neurology, Neuropathology and Neurosciences at the University of Chicago. Dr. Stefánsson received his M.D. and Dr. Med. from the University of Iceland and is board-certified in neurology and neuropathology in the United States. Dr. Stefansson is recognized as a leading figure in human genetics. He has shaped deCODE's scientific approach and been actively engaged in leading its gene discovery work, serving as senior author on most of the company's publications in major scientific journals.

(b. 1966) lives and works in Berlin in Germany

Born in Canada, Michelle Teran explores the interaction between media and social networks in urban environments. She develops performances, with the audience often participating via the staging of urban interventions such as guided tours, walks and open-air projections, participatory installations and happenings.
One of her recent projects, Buscando al Sr. Goodbar (2009), is a threefold tour through the Spanish town Murcia simultaneously taking place by bus as well as on Google Earth and YouTube.

Michelle received the Transmediale Award 2010, the Prix Ars Electronica honorary mention (2005, 2010) as well as the Vida 8.0 Art & Artificial Life International Competition.


10.00 Welcome

10:00 - 11:30 Werner Nekes
“Panorama, The First Mass Medium,” lecture and presentation of historical panoramas from Werner Nekes’ collection.

11:45 - 13:00 Michelle Teran
“Dime Store Novels in the Age of Digital Reproduction: Media, Social Networks and Society”

13:00 - 14:00 Lunchbreak

14:00 - 15:15 Kári Stefánsson
“Where Do Artists Come From?”

15:30 - 16:45 Marjolijn Dijkman
“Theatrum Orbis Terrarum”

17:00 - 17:50 Film Screening, “MAKIMONO,” 1974 by Werner Nekes, sound by Anthony Moore
The unfolding of a continuously varying impression of the representation of a landscape. MAKIMONO reflects the horizontal and vertical legibility of film, the progression of filmic language.

This event is jointly organized by the art academies in Bergen, Vilnius, Reykjavik and the Royal Art Institute, Stockholm. It is funded through KUNO and Nordplus and hosted by Moderna Museet, Stockholm.


Mekonta - the ultimate Radial City

From the age of five,  I've wanted to dwell in Mekonta.  This is the exiled techno-paradise of Venerean splendours, where we levitate over the multi-coloured waters.  Note the unique radial transport systems, the distinctive architecture and marvel at the grandeur of  Treen civilisation!


A city abandoned in advance of itself

 Lawrence Russell sent me this link:



Carlos Garaicoa: Overlapping

If anybody reading this happens to be going to Dublin in the course of the summer, a new exhibition at Irish Museum of Modern Art by cuban artist Carlos Garaicoa looks like it is well worth a visit. The press release for the show states:

"Overlapping is an exhibition by one of Cuba's leading contemporary artists Carlos Garaicoa, whose work explores the social fabric of our cities through the examination of its architecture. The exhibition brings together new and recent works comprising sculpture, installation, drawing, video and photography, which explore the themes of architecture and urbanism, politics and history, and narrative and human culture. Since the early 1990s Garaicoa has developed his multi-faceted practice as a means to critique modernist utopian architecture and the collapse of 20th-century ideologies using the city as his point of departure."

(sourced from e-flux)

More information at the IMMA website.


Cities Reimagined in Novi Sad

On Wednesday 7th. July the exhibition Cities Reimagined, with video and film from Norway, opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Novi Sad. 9 video works are presented in the show, which has been organised by Dragan Miletic & Synne Bull in collaboration with museum curator Sanja Kajic Mladenov. The museum has published a 198 page catalogue which includes presentations of all the works/artists and essays by the curator as well as by Dr. Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield and Branislav Dimetrijevic. The exhibition will be open until 27th. July. Exhibitng artists are Øyvind Aspen, Aeron Bergman & Alejandra Salinas, Bull Miletic, Mai Hofstad Gunnes, Farhad Kalantary, Eline Mugaas, Nina Toft, Jeremy Welsh & Robert Worby, Knut Åsdam.

Images below: the introductory statement to the exhibition / Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield holds an opening speech / installation shots of works by Øyvind Aspen, Jeremy Welsh & Robert Worby, Nina Toft, Aeron Bergman & Alejandra Salinas, Bull Miletic / Synne Bull records the opening on an iPhone / the catalogue, which is available from the Museum of Contemporary Art, Novi Sad, cost 400 dinar.


Natland S B needs YOUR musical talents

Natland SB is asking for your musical skills. Any one who thinks to be able to play the written music above is asked to do so. Any instrument and or interpretation is allowed. Your work will be broadcast from a Finnish radio early September. There is no time to waste. Get your gear, band and orchestra together. We expect the best of you we can expose. Natland SB is considering a CD release and is working on the contracts. Send your contribution to: postnatland@gmail.com
Please spread this mail to all your talented friends and to all your other friends too. More information HERE.


Impression Early Morning Cologne

In conjunction with the Emerging Landscapes conference, internationally renowned urban landscape photographer Gabriele Basilico will be giving a talk about his work at the University of Westminster on Friday, 25th June, 2010 at 6pm. The talk will be followed by a wine reception in the P3 Gallery.

Trained as an architect, Gabriele Basilico has been photographing urban landscapes since the early 1970s. He has photographed in cities all over the world, and his work has been presented in numerous exhibitions and books including Porti di Mare (1990), Interrupted City (1999), and Intercity (2007). His latest projects explore Silicon Valley, and Moscow.

For further details and more information, please visit www.emerginglandscapes.org.uk, or emailemerginglandscapes@westminster.ac.uk

Places on this talk must be pre-booked. The ticket price is £7, which includes the wine reception. To book a place, please visit https://epayments.westminster.ac.uk/webpublicmad/newpay.asp

Please note that we cannot accept payments on the door.


University of Westminster

35 Marylebone Rd




Radial City - the urban legends proliferate...

Synchronicity appears to be working for the Quantum Brothers, prior to the screening of "Beginner's Guide to Radial City" in Hay on June 5th. The story "Shadowing the City" has appeared in The Recusant,  while "Escape from Radial City" will be appearing next week in Nth Position.


A Dream of Radial City

Complementing  the Quantum Brothers’  forthcoming  video A Beginner’s Guide to Radial City, this audio  memoire of  the liquid city and its cryptic texts, evoked by Brother P with soundscape by Lawrence Russell, is the latest update at Radio QBSaul.


Call for participants - Natland SB Seminar 2010

Life is short but not in a hurry. Before we are disabled, disposed, dissolved and dismissed we manifest. Let us leave some filthy but good looking traces and marks.

Early March 2010 Natland SB art Galleri launched yet another way of looking at art. It is indoor online with daily exposements, interventions and permanent displays. Now time has come to expand to outdoor activities and manifests:

NATLAND SB how much less is more SEMINAR 2010 Bergen

With sincere pleasure and constructive senism Natland SB art Galleri organizes the first manifest which will happen at a special location in Bergen Norway, Saturday 12 June 2010. There is not much to tell about it ahead. Just trust Natland SB.

This seminar is open for all. There is however a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 16 participants. Persons interested are suggested to email promptly and await details. Contact: postnatland@gmail.com


A Beginner's Guide to Radial City

We can now confirm  that the   Quantum Brother(s)  will be participating in the Hay Poetry Jamboree.

At 12.00  on Saturday June 5th in the Salem Chapel, Hay-on-Wye, Powys, UK,  Brother Paul will be making one of his rare re-appearances in the living flesh to  present a screening  of THE SLOW LEARNING  and our most recent project  A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO RADIAL CITY.

The entire programme runs for approximately fifty minutes and will be repeated later in the afternoon.

The Slow Learning: a video poem for TV, exploring  “the terminal zones of the urban education industry” and “the slow motion of knowledge that’s just about to go fast forward into overwind…”  Presented in various modes  (performance/installation/screening) at the ICA, South Bank Centre & National Review of Live Art.  Texts or audio relating to the work have been published in Poetics Journal, Toxic Poetry, Culture Court. First Offence & Negative Entropy. 

Radial City: an urban intermedia  travelogue, encompassing  video  & narrative. It  relates to  the activities of the Bureau, as well as  prose fiction like “Radial Citizens”, recounting the fate of  a Radial City poet.   

The Quantum Brothers: a sporadic collaboration  between Paul A. Green (text, voice & audio) and Jeremy Welsh (video, graphics & audio)
"Now yer see 'em, now yer don't..."


Brandon LaBelle: Accoustic Territories

Thursday 20th. May 6.00 pm at Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen, Brandon LaBelle will talk about his new book "Accoustic Territories"
From underground environments to the home, Brandon LaBelle traces the cultural and social movements of auditory life. Acoustic Territories continues the author’s interest in sonic culture and extends his earlier work, Background Noise: Perspectives on Sound Art, elaborating on the dynamics of sonic materiality and experience. LaBelle follows sound as it appears in specific auditory designs, as it is mobilized within various cultural projects, and ultimately queries how it comes to circulate through everyday life as a medium for social transformation.
Brandon LaBelle is an artist and writer. His work explores the space between sound and sociality, using performance and on-site constructions as creative supplements to existing conditions. He is the author of “Background Noise: Perspectives on Sound Art” (2006) and “Acoustic Territories: Sound Culture and Everyday Life” (2010).  His ongoing project to build a library of radio memories was presented at Casa Vecina, Mexico City in 2008. He also collaborates within the collective working group, Surface Tension, and the working team, e+l.

RITUM part 2

(Relatively Insignificant Temporary Urban Monuments)

5 more small-scale temporary urban monuments encountered on May 16th. 2010

1: monument to the First Age of Mobile Telecommunications
2: memorial for a night of passion
3: memorial for the non-EU standard apple
4: wrapped small monument, after Christo
5: model for the Guggenheim Bergen (mobile version)


a moment to share:

There is an upcoming moment I would like to share on BUU: Before the sun goes down today the Natland SB Galleri is going to welcome online the 1234th unique guest within 2 months time! That is a lot of an attention for just one nail. The director managing and the disposable curator are so proud and would be extra delighted if a BUU member is THE number 1234 looking at the 28 exposements or the 9 outrageous videos on display at the moment. SB


RITUM = Relatively Insignificant Temporary Urban Monuments. To be found, spotted, identified while walking around the city or cities.

The following monuments are:

1: Monument indicating direction to follow in pursuit of a lost dog.
2: Memorial to the Unknown Drinker (green bottle version)
3: Monument in tribute to the work of Isidore Ducasse (Le Comte de Lautreamont)
4: Monument to the achievements of Rainbow Chasers
5: Monument to Rainy Day Women
6: Monument to the possibility of discovering the lost works of Yves Klein.


Re: Natland SB Art Gallery

Natland SB Art Gallery, which may be a front for the mysterious Senis Besmegenis,
exhibits temporary artworks and ephemera of the kind that those who are alert and attentive 
might notice as they go about their daily business. 
If you are the type that goes around with a camera in your pocket 
you might get implicated in something similar. 
There's always stuff out there just waiting for us. 
For example, Thursday 6th. and Friday 7th. May 2010 had these items to offer: