Cities Reimagined at ROM for Kunst & Arkitektur, Oslo

September 10th to 19th
Cities Re-imagined

Group exhibition in conjunction with the Urban Images international symposium at National Academy of the Arts.

ROM for kunst og arkitektur is presenting film and video installations by Øyvind Aspen, Nina Toft, and Jeremy Welsh.

The artists in the exhibition focus on the relationship between moving images, architecture and urban space. Their works draw parallel attention to the inherent qualities of the city, such as speed and motion, as well as increasing effects of networked and surveilled societies manifested in urban fabrics.

"Without Title"  16mm Film  2:10 min by Øyvind Aspen 2008
"The One I think I am..." Video 20:34 min by Nina Toft 2005
"Spatial Traces" Video 4:00 min by Jeremy Welsh 2008


Friday September 10th  17:30 
at Rom for Kunst & Arkitektur, Maridalsveien 3, Oslo

Free admission.


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