Oslo Arkitekturtriennale: MAN MADE

Offisiell åpning: torsdag 23. september kl 14

Med utgangspunkt i kreativ gjenbruk omformer kunstnerne Vibeke Jensen og
Christian Sunde i samarbeid med arkitekt- og landskapsarkitektstudenter
Youngstorget til et sanselig møteseted for barn og unge. 

Resultatet er ute av kontroll, prosessen er åpen og demokratisk, og deltagelse er en


Living Architectures

In conjunction with the Oslo 4th International Architecture Triennale 2010
ROM for kunst og Arkitektur in Oslo is proud to present:
24/09 – 02/10 2010


 A film series by Ila Bêka & Louise Lemoine

“Living Architectures” is a series of films that seeks to develop a way of looking at architecture, which turns away from the current trend of idealizing the representation of our architectural heritage. The cult of perfect, disembodied forms entirely devoid of people, inevitably leads to a break-up between architecture and living space.

Through these films, Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine put into question the fascination with the picture, which covers up the buildings with preconceived ideas of perfection, virtuosity and infallibility, in order to demonstrate the vitality, fragility and vulnerable beauty of architecture as recounted and witnessed by people who actually live in, use or maintain the spaces they have selected.

The Films: 
·      Koolhaas HouseLife* (2008)·      Inside Piano (2010)·      Pomerol, Herzog & de Meuron (2010)·      Gehry's Vertigo (2010)·      Xmas Meier (2010)

Thus, their intention is to talk about architecture, or rather to let architecture talk to us, from an "inner" point of view, both personal and subjective. Unlike most movies about architecture, these films focus less on explaining the building, its structure and its technical details than on letting the viewer enter into the invisible bubble of the daily intimacy of some icons of contemporary architecture. Through a series of moments and fragments of life, an unusually spontaneous portrait of the building would emerge. This experiment presents a new way of looking at architecture and broadens the field of its representation.

The films have been presented on several international venues from the beginning of 2010. Including Storefront for Art and Architecture in NYC (USA), The Architecture Foundation, London (UK), Palais de Tokyo, Paris (France) and The Architecture Centre, Bristol (UK) and met with very good receptions. A special edition of the films is presented at the 12th International Architecture Biennale in Venice.

The authors are present at the opening and will hold a 30 min presentation of the project!

Ila Bêka
Born in Italy, he lives in Paris. Architect, director and video-artist.
Louise LemoineBorn in France, she lives in Paris. Graduate in cinema and philosophy at the Paris Sorbonne.

Opens Friday September 24th     18:00 - 21:00           Maridalsveien 3

Please visit our website for screening program and for more information about the films and the directors:

Press contact: Henrik der Minassian +47 90 91 10 04 /+47 22 20 88 86  post@r-o-m.no

ROM for kunst og arkitektur
Maridalsveien 3
0178 Oslo


Urban Images symposium

The first day of the Urban Images symposium in Oslo proved to be a success. The programme was both challenging and varied, illuminating a variety of positions relative to a discussion of relationships between architecture, urbanism and the moving image. As is often the case at conferences, it would have been good if there was more space for debate. Quite often the audience seemed to be so overwhelmed by the volume and density of information coming from the speakers that it was not really possible to elaborate a nuanced discussion within the short framework of a Q&A session after the lecture. But nobody could complain about a lack of input. Perhaps appropriately after a day considering the high density narratives of city space and cinematic representation we left the auditorium dazed and slightly disoriented. I look forward to the second day of the symposium!


Mediated Cities

Atmosphere 2011 Feb 3-5 
Mediated Cities

Every year the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Architecture hosts a symposium in the series Atmosphere. These symposia explore the intangible and overlooked dimensions of architecture and the city: those difficult to pin down, document, record with conventional instruments and methodologies.

Atmosphere 2011 will focus on Mediated Cities, the image of architecture, space, and place in cinema and other media. There is a long history of “city films” which have portrayed the experience of urban life, exploring through that experience the qualities and conundrums of modern life. Today that history is updated as cinema is supplemented by new forms of media: video, internet, portable media, and so on. These new forms of media emerge from and articulate shifts and developments in architecture and cities as well as global geographies, technologies and politics. They include imaginary as well as documentary narratives, and works that blur the two. They are also being incorporated, rapidly, into the practice of all design disciplines.

Confirmed guests include Edward Dimendberg, Daniel Doz, Janine Marchessault, Leonie Sandercock, Eunate Torres-Modrego, [The User].

The symposium will be presented in partnership with the University of Manitoba Department of English, Film and Theatre, the Winnipeg Film Group, and Video Pool.

Details can be found at: 

Call for Proposals:

The Faculty of Architecture would like to invite proposals for academic papers, panels, presentations of film, video and other media, and creative works/public events in association with the symposium. A detailed Call for Proposals in both English and French is available at the symposium website. Deadline is Oct. 15 for both academic proposals and creative projects; participants will be notified by the end of October. Creative projects are required to confirm a venue in writing by the end of November, 2010.

Atmosphere is seeking funding to assist some participants to attend the symposium. To be eligible for this funding, proposals should be submitted as early as possible.

Cities Reimagined at ROM for Kunst & Arkitektur, Oslo

September 10th to 19th
Cities Re-imagined

Group exhibition in conjunction with the Urban Images international symposium at National Academy of the Arts.

ROM for kunst og arkitektur is presenting film and video installations by Øyvind Aspen, Nina Toft, and Jeremy Welsh.

The artists in the exhibition focus on the relationship between moving images, architecture and urban space. Their works draw parallel attention to the inherent qualities of the city, such as speed and motion, as well as increasing effects of networked and surveilled societies manifested in urban fabrics.

"Without Title"  16mm Film  2:10 min by Øyvind Aspen 2008
"The One I think I am..." Video 20:34 min by Nina Toft 2005
"Spatial Traces" Video 4:00 min by Jeremy Welsh 2008


Friday September 10th  17:30 
at Rom for Kunst & Arkitektur, Maridalsveien 3, Oslo

Free admission.


Urban Images symposium

Urban Images: Re-imagining the City Through Moving Images
An International Symposium at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Fossveien 24, September 9-10, 2010.            

The Urban Images symposium brings together an internationally renowned group of artists and scholars for a two-day program in order to discuss the field of artistic film and video related to architecture and urban space. The objective of the symposium is to expand theoretical concepts and artistic tools for understanding the inherent qualities of moving images and its relationship to urban culture. The program focuses on moving images’ influence on urban architecture, urban architecture’s relationship to avant-garde film, the city as a source for artistic film and video, and reflections on urban architecture in recent film and video art.

Lectures and presentations by: Parveen Adams, Giuliana Bruno, Bull.Miletic, Andreas Bunte, Beatriz Colomina, Mark Cousins, Edward Dimendberg, Tom Gunning, Henrik Gustafsson, Marit Paasche and Judy Radul. Moderator: Mattias Ekman
For further information and registration: http://www.urbanimages.no

Registration fee: NOK 400 (NOK 200 students)

Registration deadline: Friday, September 3, 2010

The Urban Images symposium is organized at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in collaboration with Atelier Nord. Generous support is granted by The Freedom of Expression Foundation, Public Art Norway (KORO), Oslo Municipality, Embassy of the United States in Oslo, and The German Embassy in Oslo.

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