Artist Gardeners

Artist Gardeners is a project initiated by London artist Dimitri Launder, formerly the primus motor behind the artist-run space Area Ten in Peckham, South London. Artist Gardeners appears to be another development within the growing field of urban agriculture, eco-art and alternative ways of thinking about sculptural interventions in both public and private space. More information at their website.

Cranes in Bergen, winter solstice 2011

Cranes in the mist. A cold, icy, misty winter's morning in Bergen.
More images here.

Everywhere you look in the city at the moment there are cranes.

Francis McKee in the catalogue to Psycho Buildings (Hayward Gallery (2008):
"We live in a world increasingly determined by transience and cities of the 21st. century are in a constant state of flux. Now, cranes have becomes a permanent feature of the landscape as this accelerated process endlessly reshapes every city."


Radial City News

Today the Hereford cell of Bureau of Unstable Urbanism  releases  a version of A Beginner's Guide to Radial City, featuring a random selection of shorter texts and images from the Quantum Brothers' intermittent project. It can be accessed as a Kindle e-book.

Synchronicitously, Unthank Books today publishes  Unthology 2, featuring Brother Paul's story The Poets of Radial City

"UNTHOLOGY No. 2 showcases established writers on great form and introduces exciting new voices. Its thirteen stories depend upon choices voluntary or otherwise, incarcerations and manic episodes and moments of doubt and transcendence. A man on his stag night encounters a woman who threatens all his certainties. The most ridiculous Health and Safety rules ever infect a company HQ. The complete lexicon of the poets of Radial City is finally made available. These are resonant tales for anxious times."

Contains writing by: Joshua Allen, Sarah Evans, Shanta Everington, Paul A. Green, Lander Hawes, Ian Madden, Melissa Mann, M. Pinchuk, Stephanie Reid, Ashley Stokes, Nick Sweeney, Tessa West and Charles Wilkinson.  Also available as a Kindle e-book and as an i-Book.


PLACEHOLDERS: a research seminar at KHIB

Speakers include: Synne Bull, Brandon LaBelle, Justin Bennett, Michelle Teran, Jeremy Welsh

Information about seminar programme @ jewelsh.blogspot.com


Always crashing in the same car?

Car installations - crashed or otherwise - seem to be this year's thing at international exhibitions. After the crashed cars in the sculpture exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery (see post below) comes a a car crash opera in the Hungarian pavillion at the Venice Biennale, using one crashed BMW and a video recording of two opera singers in the back of a taxi performing a libretto that is, or sounds like, the transcript of a police interview.

An upcoming festival of time-based art the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art also features installations by artist Jesse Sugarman with cars rendered undriveable and transformed into sculptural installations, as well as a video projection by James Benning featuring cars driving through concrete tunnels.

The theme of the summer could be "J.G. Ballard drives again". The soundtrack?  A mix of multiple versions of "Warm Leatherette".


Los Angeles Urban Rangers

Founded in 2004, The Los Angeles Urban Rangers are dedicated to equipping themselves and others to ask questions about the abundant and often unseen complexities of everyday places, whether freeway, neighborhood, park, office park, or living room. Sara Daleiden, Therese Kelly, Jenny Price, and Emily Scott are the core members of the group, which is headquartered in Los Angeles. Recent projects include a series of public "safaris" and interpretive tools elucidating Malibu's contentious public-private coastline (included in Actions: What You Can Do With the City, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montréal; Open City: Designing Coexistence?, 4th International Architecture Biennale, Rotterdam;Performing Public Space, La Casa del Túnel, Tijuana; and Just Space(s), Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, 2007–10); a trail system through the only "wild" plot in Almere, the Netherlands, as a project for Museum de Paviljoens, 2008–10; and a tour of the Whitney Museum from an eagle-eye perspective for the 2008 Whitney Biennial with Fritz Haeg's Animal Estates 1.0. The collective also participated in the 2010 California Biennial at the Orange County Museum of Art, which included a residency that launched this most recent phase of their Public Access 101 series, focused on Downtown L.A.


Wake up BUU!

The BUU blog has been dormant for a while, and now summer is here and most correspondents will be in holiday mode or otherwise occupied. So here is a short report to ease us into summer mode...

First an image from the streets of Dublin, early June 2011. It's probably a tag for somebody operating under the name "Zero One" but it could also be a general comment on the state of things, when culture goes digital and the economy evaporates into a cloud of zeroes and ones.

Below, images from a small photography exhibition at Tate Modern, looking at new directions in documentary photography. This is work by Ukrainian photographer Boris Mikhailov, with whom I was not familiar before. His exhibition was a highlight of my recent London visit. His images combine humour and pathos, a light touch and a keen sense of observation, while his sense for colour and his casual approach to capturing images reminds of William Eggleston.

Also in London, the Saatchi Gallery has a big exhibition of sculpture, most of which did not say much to me, but there were one or two interesting works. The crashed cars (below) wrapped around posts, By Dirk Skreber, were among the most interesting things, reminiscent of the historic exhibition of crashed cars by JG Ballard at the ICA in the late 1960's.

Also worthy of note is the installation by David Batchelor, a combination of light boxes and sculptures made from found plastic materials, continuing the artist's twin interests in colour as a primary concern, and the use of cheap, found, debased materials.

And below, another tag, seen in London. "Dump Cameron" is presumably a sentiment shared by many Brits at the moment, but is not something that is likely to happen in the near political future, unfortunately. It seems I am not the only one to have noticed this tag. Here it is again on Flickr. The same contributor to Flickr also posted this, the Doctors Commons, which also corresponds to another of my recent images from London, a plaque indicating the previous site of Baynard's Castle. Our camera eyes must be synchronised....  Finally, another image from Dublin.  A word on the wall of a derelict pub, and this piece of graffiti seems to sum up the state of the world in summer 2011.


Natland SB +1

Wednesday 6 April 14.00: Open form lecture by Ron Sluik at Bergen Arkitekt Skole - Sandviksboder 59 Bergen. More info? Please contact on FB: Eva Natland.


Constructing Time: Applied Data Mining: Right About Now

A one-day seminar at Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen on Thursday 3 March 2011. Programme details of the seminar are here. 


Calling All Citizens: Visit the Alt.Urb world of The Qliphoth via your Kindles!

Brother Paul is absurdly proud to announce the new digital edition of his cult novel "The Qliphoth" is now available for Kindle e-readers  or Kindle apps via  this page on the US Amazon site or this page  on  UK Amazon .

It's a tale of  arcane esoterica, urbane neurotica and intense psychopathogeography. You'll love it.

In preparation:  "A Beginner's Guide to Radial City" by the Quantum Brothers.

an unstable urban image?

location: backside slettenbakkekirke bergen (!)