Radial City News

Today the Hereford cell of Bureau of Unstable Urbanism  releases  a version of A Beginner's Guide to Radial City, featuring a random selection of shorter texts and images from the Quantum Brothers' intermittent project. It can be accessed as a Kindle e-book.

Synchronicitously, Unthank Books today publishes  Unthology 2, featuring Brother Paul's story The Poets of Radial City

"UNTHOLOGY No. 2 showcases established writers on great form and introduces exciting new voices. Its thirteen stories depend upon choices voluntary or otherwise, incarcerations and manic episodes and moments of doubt and transcendence. A man on his stag night encounters a woman who threatens all his certainties. The most ridiculous Health and Safety rules ever infect a company HQ. The complete lexicon of the poets of Radial City is finally made available. These are resonant tales for anxious times."

Contains writing by: Joshua Allen, Sarah Evans, Shanta Everington, Paul A. Green, Lander Hawes, Ian Madden, Melissa Mann, M. Pinchuk, Stephanie Reid, Ashley Stokes, Nick Sweeney, Tessa West and Charles Wilkinson.  Also available as a Kindle e-book and as an i-Book.

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