Carlos Garaicoa: Overlapping

If anybody reading this happens to be going to Dublin in the course of the summer, a new exhibition at Irish Museum of Modern Art by cuban artist Carlos Garaicoa looks like it is well worth a visit. The press release for the show states:

"Overlapping is an exhibition by one of Cuba's leading contemporary artists Carlos Garaicoa, whose work explores the social fabric of our cities through the examination of its architecture. The exhibition brings together new and recent works comprising sculpture, installation, drawing, video and photography, which explore the themes of architecture and urbanism, politics and history, and narrative and human culture. Since the early 1990s Garaicoa has developed his multi-faceted practice as a means to critique modernist utopian architecture and the collapse of 20th-century ideologies using the city as his point of departure."

(sourced from e-flux)

More information at the IMMA website.

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