Natland S B needs YOUR musical talents

Natland SB is asking for your musical skills. Any one who thinks to be able to play the written music above is asked to do so. Any instrument and or interpretation is allowed. Your work will be broadcast from a Finnish radio early September. There is no time to waste. Get your gear, band and orchestra together. We expect the best of you we can expose. Natland SB is considering a CD release and is working on the contracts. Send your contribution to: postnatland@gmail.com
Please spread this mail to all your talented friends and to all your other friends too. More information HERE.


  1. Sight-reading isn't one of my strengths. Is a free-form jazz-punk version acceptable?

  2. In this house there are no restrictions in how to read the book, brother Paul.

  3. but the deadline is 2 september!


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