Call for participants - Natland SB Seminar 2010

Life is short but not in a hurry. Before we are disabled, disposed, dissolved and dismissed we manifest. Let us leave some filthy but good looking traces and marks.

Early March 2010 Natland SB art Galleri launched yet another way of looking at art. It is indoor online with daily exposements, interventions and permanent displays. Now time has come to expand to outdoor activities and manifests:

NATLAND SB how much less is more SEMINAR 2010 Bergen

With sincere pleasure and constructive senism Natland SB art Galleri organizes the first manifest which will happen at a special location in Bergen Norway, Saturday 12 June 2010. There is not much to tell about it ahead. Just trust Natland SB.

This seminar is open for all. There is however a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 16 participants. Persons interested are suggested to email promptly and await details. Contact: postnatland@gmail.com

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