Another way of looking at global urban unstability.

Here is a picture of the city of Bergen one evening this week, made while I was up Løvstakken mountain. There, right in the middle, that white thing is a huge boat from some Russian billionaire who came to visit Norway incognito. No, it is not Noah's boat. It is a yacht designed by poor Philip Starck and it is also not called 'Arc' but just 'A'. Should I write more or is the picture of the world we live in clear enough?


  1. Did you know that this incognito Russian billionaire came here to buy Monet paintings? Apparently this is the case! It looks like he has plenty of white walls inside that thing to hang them on. When I saw it my first thought was "Dr. No". The truth is probably not so far from fiction here.

  2. By the way - Løvstakken is a great place to watch the world from, especially on a light summer evening. I go there, and other local mountains, quite often at the moment, with a surrogate grandchild - my son's dog. She is a pure white boxer dog and she would suit the big white russian boat very nicely. And then the "A" could stand for "Ark". I noticed that beside the big "A" it also says "Hamilton". I wonder what that was about. I remember there was a swedish movie about ten years ago where the hero was called Hamilton - some kind of Nordic James Bond, if I remember correctly. (Dr. No again!) Or there's the city of Hamilton in Ontario, not a very inspiring place, although there is a lake there, so parking the big white boat would not present a problem.


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