Hunting Gonzo Architecture !

HUNTING GONZO ARCHITECTURE! - a MASTER TVERR KURS at BAS organized by DAV project teacher Ron Sluik in week 45 / 2009:

A workshop at Bergen Arkitekt Skole / Norway. The project is now kind of documented in a series of weblogs. The aim was to create new personal options in looking ahead more than finding another perfect and final solution for future urban developments.


  1. there's quite a lot of Gonzo architecture in Australia.....

    Looks like your workshop was an invigorating experience!

  2. Yes, it had enough of my senism! Good response of participants and feedback after wards. He got curious now about Indian Gonzo, haha!

  3. ...just Gonzo...Ron...Senis...enriching...thanks for sharing...


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