The Sluik-Parsifal Performance

On Thursday 4 March, regular BUU poster Ron Sluik held a presentation at Hordaland Kunstsenter in Bergen, based on a fusion of his extensive photographic expeditions around the Bergen region with a re-reading of Arthurian legend. A derivé of a different order, moving fact into fiction and fiction into fact, not so much Psychogeography as Gonzogeography....



Images 1 -2: Ron explaining why Parsifal came to Bergen and why the Holy Grail is buried under a stone near a bus stop and a Kiwi supermarket at Birkelandstoppen. Image 3: Ron's son contributes to the event by modelling his father's hat.

View Kiwi Birkelundstoppen in a larger map

For further reading: Ron's blogbooks, which formed the basis of the event.

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