19th. November, opening of INTERVALL, a temporary public art project initiated by Curate.no (Sissel Lillebostad, Malin Barth & Anne Szefer Karlsen). Five artists, Arne Skaug Olsen, Thomas Pihl, Jeremy Welsh and Hilde Hauan Johnsen with Maia Urstad have been invited to create works for spaces within the urban environment of Bergen during the period 19.11 - 19.12 2008.

The first phase of the project launches on 19th. November with projects by Thomas Pihl and Jeremy Welsh.

18.30: Opening of Thomas Pihl light installation, Kaigaten, between the buildings of Sparebanken Vest and Sentrum Dameklær.
18.45: Walk to the next location.
19.00: Opening of Jeremy Welsh panoramic digital image in the park beside Dr. Wiesener's pub, Nye Sandviksveien.
19.15: Opening speech and refreshments inside Dr. Wieseners pub.

From Curate.no's curatorial statement:
"Can a temporary artwork reformulate a space and make it visible?"
With the project "Intervall" we want to investigate urban space. And especially the areas in the city that are in between the most defined spaces, those without a fixed function, or areas that are simply seen as transit zones. We know there is no neutral space in the city, but a space that lacks a more precise definition gives the impression of being without qualities, of not belonging. It appears as an in-between space, an interval between the places that are utilized and described..... The aim of the project is not to localize a specific viewpoint or to address a particular group of viewers. The aim is to underline the undefined, the ambivalent and the mutable in our understanding of our surroundings.

Intervall is being launched during B-Open, the Bergen bi-annual open art event.

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