Logging in

Though I was invited to join BUU couple of weeks ago, it has taken a while to find the time (in fact this introduction will be be brief, because of the continuing running out of it.) The main reason being my participation in Article 08 (a biannual exhibition for electronic and unstable media in Stavanger, Norway), the race to get my contribution, the Electromagnetic Fountain, ready for it, and the challenge to organise the maintenance of the fountain with the exhibition organisers. I have a host of reflections about this experience that I would like to share and perhaps discuss in the BUU. Some are posted on my project blog, others are waiting to see the light of day, but right now I have got to dash - my current urban instability is reaching critical levels .....

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  1. The documentation of the fountain looks great, I look forward to seeing the real thing in operation at some point!



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