Okin Apartment Project in Seoul

Okin Apartment was originally built in 1971, by the City Metropolitan Government near the Palaces- is the biggest and most spectacular Palace in Korea, and it was the Main Palace of the Chosun dynasty. Okin Apartment will be torn down soon to make a Green Park around Inwang mountian. Inwang mountain literally means "Benevolent King Mountain". It is located south of Bukhan mountain and from it you can see the Palace and the presidential house.

A few weeks ago We (group of artists from Seoul) organized a holiday event at the Apartment where most tenants are moved out but some are not given either an apartment or enough money to move other places and still negotiating for the right of tenants to move new places. This issue is not solved yet but the City Metropolitan Government started to tearing down the apartment.  I think it is actually very meaningful place for us artists involved in.  We will be having talks, walking tours and events, in terms of exploring and excavating an intimate relationship with architecture, history as well as art expression.

Check this out  http://okinapt.blogspot.com/.


  1. A depressingly familiar story that has been duplicated in cities all over the world - people displaced from their homes by bureaucrats who don't care or just choose to ignore the problems they create. I hope your artist's actions will draw attention to the plight of the people who are losing their homes.


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