Stabilising in Sydney

I am currently in Sydney, and will remain here until the middle of December. I will be posting entries to a new blog that is specifically about this trip. The address is http://jaysyd.blogspot.com/. Meanwhile, in the spirit of BUU, here are a few images taken in the vicinity of Artspace, Sydney.

Right across the street from Artspace is Harry's Cafe de Wheels, a fast-food trailer that even has its own website, worth checking out for its extensive photo albums, scrapbook page and history of the cafe. Among the numerous pictures of Harry's customers is this one of Big Paul from American Chopper!


  1. "violated and exployted by toads..." TOADS? This sounds like a dangerous neighbourhood. Alien life-forms at the outskirts of Radial City...

    But the Bureau is confident you'll survive, like a Ballard hero, living on Harry's burgers in the Artspace. Although I wouldn't try to queue-jump Big Paul.

    Will follow new blog and future transmissions



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