we wish you a.....

I am sitting in the transit area of Hong Kong airport, drinking Carlsberg ???? beer (after three months of excellent aussie ales, this is a sad comedown) and being lulled by robotic versions of anglo-euro-american christmas songs on the airport sound system. If Santa Claus is coming to town, I wish he'd just get on with it then f*** off! Anybody want to start an "I Hate Xmas" blog?

But anyway, goodwill to (most) all men & women. But lets send all the useless politicians of the world to a melting icecap or to the scorching interior of Australia where the chances of rain seem to be diminishing by the day. Let them ponder how much time, energy and money they wasted doing nothing in Copenhagen.

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  1. 愛情是盲目的,但婚姻恢復了它的視力。.........................


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