An exhibition by a KHIB MA student, Jonas Ib F.H. Jensen

opening at Galleri Fisk, Bergen on Friday 22 January

Or basic shapes of nature (revised ’n’ rewritten)

PROPOSITIONS #1-20                                           PS#01_19-18012010

# 1.     When something is set in motion it can spin indefinitely and accumulate all sorts of stuff on its way.
# 2.     A spoon lying in the side of the road might prove to be a significant event, then again it might not.
# 3.     Something discarded can be found and and considered by others.
# 4.     To say of two things that they are identical is nonsense. To say of one thing that it is identical with itself is to say nothing at all. (Quoting Ludwig Wittgenstein)
# 5.     At times nonsense can make a whole lot of sense.
# 6.     Once considered something will start to act out itself.
# 7.     Thoughts are planets circling the sun, at times they align.
# 8.
# 9.     The artist may refuse any responsibility for the event that (s)he activates.
# 10.   A small movement in the string of events can shift everything completely.
# 11.   Any accumulation is influenced by bias.
# 12.   That which serves no purpose is not purposeless. (Quoting Nikolas DinĂ©r)
# 13.   Presence is more accurate than value 'n' truth.
# 14.   The shift from Non-object to object happens through consideration.
# 15.   Chance denotes change, change denotes chaos, chaos encourages chance.
# 16.   Chance will negotiate any reinvention.
# 17.   That which goes without saying should be left unsaid.
# 18.   Any position is the lack of another position.
# 19.   Contradiction is inevitable and avoids conformity.
# 20.   Everything adds up to zero.


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