Decarie wide open for you

The # 40 East and West still in very good shape

minus 15
windchill minus 20
you're looking at a 15 minute slow down right around Jean-Talon

a #15 northbound stall on the left lane at Queen Mary

The Ville-Marie closed at Peele,
your # 20 full all the way through the yards and the Turcot interchange,
Mercier bridge right hand stall,
Victoria bridge, you're looking at a 20 minute delay

Decarie North and South full up all the way from the bottom to the top

you'll see just a little bit of a slow down right around la Verendrye,
heavy traffic making for a very slow drive,

black ice on the Champlain,
make sure you've got plenty of windshield wiper liquid

The Métropolitaine still doing very well with just a little bit of a slow down

the # 20 slow all the way in from just before Norman,
if you're coming in from the south shore as you're making your way over,
Henri-Lafontaine slow

making for a very tough drive through the yards

# 15 North and South full up all the way from the # 20 to the # 40


  1. That's a great series of images, and I love the captions too. I can imagine being in one of those cars and hearing traffic reports on the radio. It will be nice to see a continuation of the series as the seasons change.

  2. They are not webcam images. I pass over this bridge a couple of times every day and take images. It is a deep cut through the city, a clogged artery, in desperate need of vital surgery


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