private steals public and goes public

The examples DF Doris shows of Cairo reminds me of a peculiar architectural tendency I have noticed while I was living in Chisinau and some told me there is even a name for it: PRISTROIKA. Obviously or unfortunately there is not really much written about it yet... Anyway: it roughly means small attachments to existing larger buildings. The term EVROREMONT is also often used. Due to the privatization in the last 2 decades in the former USSR many (new) flat owners extend their flats with extra space(s) The Khrushchovka seems most suitable for this. It usually starts on and around the balcony. Most of the time there is no official permission or even a dialog with the direct neighbours who often loose their view or daylight. It 's just done. It also implements that space which used to be public becomes private... As far as I understand slowly local authorities are waking up and see the disastrous consequences but in most cases money talks. On the other hand some unexpected masterpieces of art appear like for instance the family who decided to have their own front-door on the backside of the communal flat entrance using bathroom tiles as main building material!

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