Water and Glass

Water and Glass is a four-screen video installation made for Atopia, Oslo as part of their"Vitrine" project, where artists' video and film works are back projected onto street level windows during the hours of darkness. Water and Glass continues an exploration of place and time through images, combining elements of the natural landscape with heavily mediated imagery of fractured urban environments reflected in the glass surfaces of buildings. Water and Glass is on view from 24 January to 6 February. See Atopia's website and video documentation of Water and Glass.


  1. with the sound of a run-way and the cool sight of a winter night in Oslo the video makes for an uncanny experience

  2. beautiful water scenes, hyper real! the 4 channels work great with the windows, street and apartments above
    congrats jeremy!

  3. I agree, Vibeke. It was snowing when I arrived, and the windows were covered with a cloudscape. Everything was soft and fuzzy, and as though I was up in the sky, rather than on the streets of Oslo. By the time I moved inside the clouds had transformed into a crisp cityscape(was it Sidney?)... the sun was shining. It felt like going through a magic portal ......


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