Cities Re-imagined 1: 8 - 9 May - completed

Images from Cities Re-imagined

discussion moderated by Per Kvist

Steven Bode's reading on the work of Dryden Goodwin

Bull.Miletic presenting

panel with Synne Bull, Amanda Steggell, Michelle Teran and Vibeke Jensen

Vibeke Jensen's presentation

The conference "Cities Re-imagined 1" was conducted successfully on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 May. Panellists discussed themes including the use of photography to record, investigate, discover, reveal and interact with urban environments or the use of sound to influence, document or impact upon urban spaces. Interventions into the space of the city and its social/political structures, or into the virtual space of the city's informational twin were presented and discussed. Artists' video projects that examine the urban environment and that create a synthesis of these to re-imagine city spaces were shown and debated, and a range of textual strategies were used to theorise or fictionalise urban space in different ways. 

Keynote lectures were given by architect Nigel Coates and curator Steven Bode who discussed the work of artist Dryden Goodwin. The entire conference was documented on video and at a later date some short clips from the documentation will be posted online.

BUU will follow up on the conference by further developing some of the discussions that took place in Oslo.

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