investigating temporary urban art

For my presentation at the conference I specially created an online work of 20 blogspot sites called I AM SENIS BESMEGENIS. It is kind of finished now although I realize it never will be. I use as a starting point 2 icons of artists and the principle that all is art. It contains a large amount of visual material collected in the town and suburbs of Bergen during a 2 month scan of the city. I am pretty sure that I will not be able to show all material during the conference so HERE is the link to the first page. Also If you are not able to come to Oslo you are very welcome to visit my view on a city. Looking forward to the meeting, Ron Sluik.


  1. Okay, I accept the challenge, I'll do my homework! When I introduce you at the conference on Friday you will be Senis, the conceptual art blogger formerly known as Ron Sluik! There's a lot of material in there, you have been busy!

    Now, the low down dirty question is (again), how the hell can one make money doing this ? :-)

  2. Dear Jeremy, I will make sure you will have to do your homework till the last minute, haha!

    the money question.... hmmmm.

    After the conference Senis B. will have melted back into tiny water drops, becoming part of the great All again.


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