Shake the foundations!

In response to Amanda's post below - a city built on Dub would shake its own foundations and rock its inhabitants to their core!  I have just watched the dvd of "Dub Echoes" a documentary on the evolution of dub, directed by Brazilian film maker Bruno Natal. The film includes interviews with musicians, producers, engineers and dj's, including some old originals like U-Roy, Lee "Scratch" Perry and Bunny Lee, as well as representatives  of the current wave of post-dub electronica like Kode 9 and Roots Manuva. The sonic engineering of dub is explored and explained as a structural principle of much, if not most, electronic dance music, hip hop and other forms of contemporary urban music. See also an edition of the online publication Vague Terrain dedicated to digital dub - including several downloadable MP3 files, articles and interviews, including DJ Spooky, who is also featured in Dub Echoes.

On an almost entirely different note, another short video to watch is The Guardian's report on a tour of London by Peter Blake's Art Bus. In the sixties, (Sir) Peter Blake was known as one of the originators of British Pop Art, along with Richard Hamilton and Eduardo Paolozzi, and the designer of the album cover for Sgt Peppers. Later he was also known as the former teacher and inspiration to Ian Dury. Here he visits sites related to famous album covers he has designed or contributed to.


  1. Synchronicity in the city! Last week I recorded voice & sax tracks for Radial Dub with synth beats by son James as a project for my students at the blind college. The spacing and fragmentation is very dubsteppish. Only difference is that the riddim is more eighties retro doombeat. I and I sound more like a thunking man's Gary Numan, I suppose. A CD will arrive for you when it's mixed after the mid term break.

  2. I look forward to the cd, brother!


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