Cheap invasion

The underground stations of central Oslo have been taken over by super-sized black sheep courtesy of TELE2.


TELE2's previous advertising campaign declared that "we bring you small bills", now they are bringing us big billboards. They are stuck over walls and pillars everywhere, and are totally invasive. Wherever you walk, stand or sit you are seen to be in relation to the the campaign visuals.

Cheap_03 Cheap_04 Cheap_05 Cheap_02

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  1. Apart from the fact that it is presumably irritating and invasive, linguistically it simply doesn´t work. The words "cheap" and "sheep" are not interchangeable and don't even sound the same unless you pronounce them wrong. But we could add another level to the phonetic interplay, as the tele2 campaign is undoubtedly "kjipp" in the Norwegian sense!


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