The recent wintry weather certainly illuminated an inherent instability in the infrastructure of Britain's cities, transport systems and infrastructure in general. 10 -15 cm of snow can bring one of the world's most developed nations grinding (or sliding) to a halt. Bergen, meanwhile, which often escapes winter entirely, has actually been "enjoying" sub-zero temperatures, snow and ice. It makes a welcome change from rain. Today, with freezing temperatures and brilliant sunshine, was the perfect day for a winter urban safari. Tomorrow it could be warm and wet again, it has to be enjoyed while it lasts!

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  1. It's not just Britain. Transport in Japan - where everything works so perfectly under normal circumstances - gets hit badly as soon as there's any serious snow. There's one spot on the main Shinkansen line, where "snow" or "heavy rain" automatically means "delay." (I guess, structurally, there's nothing they can do about it - otherwise they would have fixed it decades ago!)


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