Poblenou Barcelona

I have been here in Barcelona for the last few weeks looking at "public" spaces which have been constructed since
the time that I lived here. Poblenou is a former industrial neighbourhood which has gone through an accelerated
process of gentrification - before it even started to become "creative" or "hip" it was taken over and sold off.
Maybe the economic crisis will slow things down a little, but there is little sign of that on the street.

I thought I'd just share these photographs with you:

This is next to Can Ricart, the former factory complex where the artist's centre HANGAR is located.
firstly in 2007.

and now in 2009 - a park designed (partly?) by Jean Nouvel and incorporating a round podium for
dancing the Sardana, national dance of Catalunya. Not seen anyone dancing here yet. In fact it's a
very quiet park.

And just around the corner, obviously these locals aren't going to let the development process
spoil their enjoying the sun...


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