I apologise for the late posting of these images, from December.

This photographic piece -
Dialogue by Anna Leoniak and Fiann Paul - showing hundreds of faces of children from all over the countryside in Iceland, has been on display in town centre of Reykjavík since the Arts Festival in May, and is "a tribute to the generation which will decide about the future fate of the outskirts of the island, and it is also a reminder of the beauty and value of the remote areas of Iceland."

Just around the corner from this piece, people have been demonstrating outside the Parliament every Saturday afternoon, since the economic crash in October. These photos were taken on the 10th Saturday, on 13 December, when some activists had stuck stickers
bearing the words "11,182,000 Kr - SOLD!" on the faces.

And then... I noticed yet someone else had added another touch to one of the faces, by sticking a price tag "Special Offer - 295 Kr".

I just *love* this kind of public interaction - and the message was very clear and strong too.

You can view some other images from the afternoon at:

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  1. Totally egnigmatic and profound. I do not know what I would have felt if my kids had such a tag put over them, whatever the circumstances.


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